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Photos: 91st Annual Academy Awards

Sarah attended the 91st Annual Academy Awards last Sundat, where she presented the award for best visual effects to “First Man”, alongside Paul Rudd. Our gallery has been updated with images of her arriving at the event, as well as during the show, backstage, and at Vanity Fair’s after party.

083.jpg 093.jpg 001.jpg 009.jpg
007.jpg 010.jpg 014.jpg 015.jpg

Photos: 21st Costume Designers Guild Awards

Sarah Paulson attended 2019 Costume Designers Guild Awards on Tuesday night (February 19). Her AHS costars Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman and AHS costume designer Lou Eyrich. were also there to help honor AHS creator Ryan Murphy with the Director/Screenwriter/Producer, Distinguished Collaborator Award. The gallery has now HQ images from the event:

sarahpaulsondaily_029.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_004.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_007.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_033.jpg

Photos: 71st Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards

The Director’s Guild of America Awards took place early this month, and Sarah attended the event and wore a Miu Miu Blue Sequin Dress with Rose and Cutout Detail. Our gallery was updated with pretty HQ images:

sarahpaulsondaily_068.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_003.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_003.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_001.jpg

Photos: Sarah visits SiriusXM

Photos: Sarah visits SiriusXM

Hello! Sarah visited SiriusXM this week (January 16) to discuss about ‘Glass.’ Our gallery has been updated with some HQ images, enjoy!

001.jpg 002.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg

Photos: “Glass” Press Conference

Photos: “Glass” Press Conference

Hello, Sarah fans! “Glass” press tour continues and Sarah discussed about the movie during a press conference in New York early this week. Our gallery has now been updated with some pretty new portraits. Enjoy!

sarahpaulsondaily_GlassPressConference-0002.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_GlassPressConference-0004.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_GlassPressConference-0010.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_GlassPressConference-0017.jpg

Photos: “Glass” European Premiere

Photos: “Glass” European Premiere

Our gallery was updated with HQ images of Sarah attending the European premiere of Glass last night in London, enjoy viewing!

“Bird Box” is now streaming on Netflix + HD Screencaptures

“Bird Box” is now streaming on Netflix + HD Screencaptures

Screencaptures of Sarah in the Netflix movie “Bird Box” have been added to our gallery, enjoy viewing!

Photos: Ryan Murphy Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Photos:  Ryan Murphy Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hi, everyone! Ryan Murphy was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Sarah was there to discuss and celebrate with her American Horror Story co-stars. Our gallery has been updated with some HQ images, take a look!

sarahpaulsondaily_RyanMurphyHollywoodWalkOfFame-098.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_RyanMurphyHollywoodWalkOfFame-130.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_RyanMurphyHollywoodWalkOfFame-126.jpg sarahpaulsondaily_RyanMurphyHollywoodWalkOfFame-144.jpg

Sarah Paulson covers Flaunt and talks about meditations on pessimism and Coca-Cola

Sarah Paulson covers Flaunt and talks about meditations on pessimism and Coca-Cola

Hello, everyone! Sarah is covering the new issue of Flaunt Magazine featuring a new photoshoot and interview.

Flaunt Magazine – As an editor at Flaunt the job is rarely straightforward. They say jump, you say how high? If the boss says, “We’ve got confirmation on the motorcycle for the Paulson shoot tomorrow, we need to find a kitten ASAP,” you say, “What breed?” I admit, this was a tall order even for Flaunt, but come 9 a.m. the next morning I am signing adoption papers. Full disclosure, I lied to the Pasadena Humane Society. I adopted a kitten with no intention of keeping it—but don’t be so quick to judge me. Within an hour of putting that orange tabby in my car, I was holding him in my arms and crying, “I promised I wouldn’t let myself fall in love with you,” like he was the most beautiful prostitute at the Moulin Rouge.

An hour later, I arrive at the chateau-style mini-mansion anachronistically located in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles. I’m holed up in the foyer bathroom with the cat, keeping him well out of clawing distance from the thousands of dollars of Rodarte tulle in the hallway. There’s a knock on the door, our fashion assistant tells me Sarah wants to meet the kitten. I present him with the ’ah zebenya!’ fanfare of The Lion King. Paulson takes him in her arms. Lots of purring and awwwwws coming from both Sarah and her partner Holland Taylor; two women I’ve just about worshipped for nearly a decade. They each give him a little smooch goodbye before Sarah departs for hair and makeup. I feel like the pope just kissed my newborn son.

I meet Paulson again three days later at a restaurant in the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, this time with no livestock in hand. It’s 82 degrees, and she’s wearing a sweater, overcoat, and beanie. “I like to be cozy,” she says, calling it out before I have a chance. “I’m from New York. I’ve lived here for years but I haven’t figured out the whole LA thing.”

SPD-FlauntMagazine2018-0002.jpg SPD-FlauntMagazine2018-0004.jpg SPD-FlauntMagazine2018-0007.jpg SPD-FlauntMagazine2018-0010.jpg

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“Ocean’s 8” Blu-Ray Screencaptures

Hello, everyone! Ocean’s 8 is already out in DVD and Blu-ray release date since September 11 and is also available on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes. Our gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures of Sarah’s scenes as Tammy in Ocean’s 8, enjoy!

SPS-OCEANS82018-0002.jpg SPS-OCEANS82018-0032.jpg SPS-OCEANS82018-0051.jpg SPS-OCEANS82018-0104.jpg
SPS-OCEANS82018-0159.jpg SPS-OCEANS82018-0188.jpg SPS-OCEANS82018-0225.jpg SPS-OCEANS82018-0308.jpg
SPS-OCEANS82018-0382.jpg SPS-OCEANS82018-0409.jpg SPS-OCEANS82018-0416.jpg SPS-OCEANS82018-0424.jpg

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